About Pacific Rim Training Solutions

Looking for exceptional training and development department results for your organization without having to hire fulltime staff?

We are a Hawaii-based consultancy firm, specializing in organizational effectiveness, leadership development, employee training, conflict resolution, and business communications resources.

We offer fulltime training development results for partime investment. We bring best practices to your organization to develop and sharpen the skills of your employees.

Unlike most training companies, we customize training and leadership development programs to achieve your organizational needs. We design short and long-term leadership workshop or seminar strategies for organizations to achieve the most advantageous business improvements solutions.

Choosing the right employee is your responsibility, developing their potential is our responsibility. If your organization is not achieving the profitability needed; contact Pacific Rim Training Solutions for potential employee leadership development and training options.

Hawaii's and Guam's business owners and managers can expect excellence in workforce training development, and improved organizational effectiveness; which enables employees to achieve desired organizational results.
Call us now to find out how you can reach your organizational goals with the support of customized business leadership seminars or employee development workshops.
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